A great story


An ideal, a passion, a conviction carried since the 1970s by Marie and François DAVID are at the origin of the Grand Appétit.

Big / small
Yin / Yang
Macro /  Large / Biotic  /Life

Originating from the Japanese Zen philosophy, macrobiotics puts diet at the heart of life. A belief: diet can maintain, improve or deteriorate health.
A most important principle of the Great Appetite is the respect

1 seed = 10.000 seeds

We try not to waste, not even a seed. Each one contains 1000 worlds and 1000 futures.

François and Marie the founders, devoted their lives, in all discretion and humility to fight against negligence – against the consumerism society and especially its food drifts. The Great Appetite has always kept this course. It has always been organic, economical, responsible, vegan by common sense. The decoration is recycled day 1; even the old stove of the grandparents found its place in the diningroom.

François was trained in macrobiotics and in Do In in Japan, next to Madame OSAWA in the early 80s. Mishio Kushi has given numerous lectures at GRAND APPETIT restaurant. For more than 30 years a healthy and simple kitchen ahead of its time has been prepared in conscience at Grand Appétit. Convinced that macrobiotics is a key to acting in favor of a better world.

The adventure begun with a small grocery / bakery / vegan canteen that offered home products. The basic macrobiotic products were still unknown back then, they were not available in France and the West.
Whole rice – “soyu” soy sauce – Miso (fermented tofu) – the important winter vegetable that did not grow in France in the 1980s – Seaweed: kombu, wakame, hizziki … – The gomashio couldn’t be found.
– Whole bread with homemade organic yeast, more and more difficult to find.

Understanding that it was necessary to taste these new flavors to spread these natural products.

François and Marie became: grocer, cooks, pastry cook, baker. The Great Appetite is an institution of vegetalism in France and in the world. A humble dinosaur of ecology peacefully militant, lived and transmitted by exemplarity in everyday life. Courses and workshops have trained and influenced several generations.
And it goes on …

To be continued…

The Restaurant

 Since 1986,  GRAND APPETIT
offers to taste, discover or to try again

designed by Georges Ohsawa (1928)
inspired by Japanese oriental philosophy

“Our heath is in our food intake… and we’re responsable for it”

Grand appétit is a restaurant
vegan cuisine, végétalien in French
(a pioneer in plant based cuisine in France)
with a Japanese twist
organic and fresh seasonal and local products only
purified water (reverse osmosis)
slow and soft cooking methods

We bring you the essential in your plate

You’ll always find in your MB plate:
Whole cereals, whole round rice is our favorite
Pulpes, our vegetal protein
Cooked and raw vegetables
Home made pickles (with sea salt never refined)
for the restauration of your internal flora
Seaweed for minerals § iodine

Each plate we prepare is unique, made fresh upon order
Tastes are plenty and simple
Feel free to associate flavors, colors and textures
Each time differently
And compose your own creation

Lunch menu

The standard macrobiotic plate
of the day

with seaweed, pickles
Soup or  Dessert

 Soup and dessert +3€
*Menu   Norimaki 21€
*Menu vegetable pie 21€
Delicious homemade fruit tarte (spelt sourdough) +3€
Home made millet cake +2€


Add seaweed +2€
Add  home made Pickles  +1€

SOS Free – No added refined sugar or fat, sourdough no yeast, no microwave, Zero waste kitchen

Take away? Yes !
Please call before all morning before 2h30pm and collect by 7pm
Reservations for  4 or plus only
Open for dinner for group only

Be welcome!


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How to get to us

9, rue de la Cerisaie
75004 Paris

Subway Bastille
(exit Bld Henri IV ou Place des Vosges)

Subway ligne 1, ligne 5 et ligne 8.
Bus 20, 29, 65, 69, 87, 91 et bus Bb balabus
Bus stop Bastille or  La cerisaie


HappyCow Healthy Eating Guide