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Nous sommes de retour et ouverts du lundi au vendredi de midi à 15 heures
We’re open Monday to Friday for lunch from noon to 3pm

Epicerie macrobiotique et japonaise
Lundi 12:00 – 19:00
Mardi Mercredi et Jeudi 11:00 – 19:00
Vendredi 11:00 à + 16:00

Organic & Vegetal – SOS Free – Zero waste

We are a 100% vegetal restaurant since 1986.
We promote organic , non processed food since 1986.

Almost SOS-free

You have heard of “gluten-free,” “sugar-free” and “fat-free,” but what about “SOS-free?” An SOS-free diet simply means that no refined salt, oil or sugar has been added to the food (during preparation, cooking or afterwards). “Going SOS-free” continues to catch on as more people strive to reduce or eliminate salt, oil and sugar in their diets for health reasons.

Goal Zero waste
In macrobiotic:  1 grain of rice =  1000 grains  of rice

At its most basic, zero waste is about significantly reducing, and eventually completely eliminating, the amount of stuff that we send to disposal. Most of what we now waste can be safely and economically recycled, reused, composted, or turned into biogas. We also need to simply use less disposable stuff and redesign our products so that they are toxic-free and built to last.

But zero waste is also much more. It is about environmental justice, so that pollution and waste treatment facilities are not concentrated in poor and disenfranchised communities.

Since 1986 Grand appétit Paris goes under those standards
Good for us – Good for you – For a better word

Grand appétit our story & values

In the late 70’s François goes to Japan to be trained in macrobiotics and in shiatsu do in.

Macrobiotic: Consisting of or relating to a diet of organic wholefoods which is based on Buddhist principles of the balance of yin and yang.
How to gain control over your health and life through your food choices.

Together with his dear wife Marie, they open a small macrobiotic shop in Paris Bastille, followed by the restaurant in 1986.

In the 1980’s in France, few knew about those basic macrobiotic products: soya sauce, tamari, tofu, seitan, miso, gomashio, butternut squash, and whole rice… They were very hard to get and their virtues ignored.

The restaurant opened as a showcase to those basics macrobiotics products.

From day one GA is organic and vegetal (no animal products what so ever)
the word vegan doesn’t exist in 1986.
Zero waste and SOS free are macrobiotics’ standards –
those words didn’t exist in the 1980’s.

For the past 32 years individual and collective responsibility are challenged at the Grand appétit: everyday and at each step of the way.

When you chose to eat @Grand appétit you contribute to this spirit and philosophy.

We hope in return to bring you good food, with good energy to promote your good health.

Grand appétit is a renowned restaurant in the macrobiotic word.